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During the month of June, we are offering a free skin surface cytology with any paid exam!
*Offer valid June 1-30, 2017

When pets are scratching at their skin, most people first think “FLEAS!”, but that might actually not be the cause of the scratching at all. If you don’t see fleas on your pet and they are still scratching or their skin looks irritated, there could be a number of causes. With a simple procedure called a skin surface cytology, we can get a better look at what is happening on the surface of your pet’s skin.

Some conditions that can be identified by a skin surface cytology are:
Infectious agents
Yeast overgrowth

We can also detect the difference between allergies and infection by doing a skin cytology. This procedure is a quick, easy, and painless wait to get answers about what is happening on your pet’s skin and will help us determine the best treatment plan for your pet! 
If your pet is feeling itchy, has irritated skin, or hair loss, we are offering a free skin surface cytology during the month of June with any paid office visit. Call us at 503-395-1649 to schedule your pet’s office visit and skin surface cytology!